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The Journey Tribute band featuring Ernie Shepherd also returns for a repeat performance after many festival-goers begged the festival to bring them back, said Caroline Hasty the events and media coordinator for the Town of Fort Mill. “They’ve been the most requested comeback” in festival history!!


"You've got to get yourself to Texas for the State Fair and Rodeo....Charlie Daniels personally requested you open for him".

Doorman Waggoner

Festival Stage Manager


"Seriously brother, I thought I was listening to Steve Perry tonight"

Bret Michaels

after Trial by Fire opened his show


In 1996, arena rock superstars Journey put the band back together to record their tenth studio album, Trial by Fire. Shortly after the release of this reunion album lead singer and signature voice, Steve Perry injured himself while training for what was to be a high energy road show. With Steve Perry unable to perform, the Trial by Fire tour became "the tour that never happened".   Imagine if Steve Perry had never injured himself on that fateful day. What would the Trial by Fire tour look like? 

Flash forward to the present. TRIAL BY FIRE is born out of the hearts of five seasoned North Carolina - based musicians who have decided to answer that question. It is their vision to bring that 1996 tour to Journey fans across the country; to embrace the sound and visuals of the Steve Perry era of Journey. 

Prepare to let TRIAL BY FIRE take you back to an earlier day when lighters were held high, and you couldn't help but sing along to such powerful choruses as “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Wheel in the Sky”,  “Lights”, "Separate Ways" and "Faithfully"

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